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 Random thoughts on Nagas

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PostSubject: Random thoughts on Nagas   Random thoughts on Nagas Icon_minitimeThu 22 Oct 2009, 12:19 pm

i keep having visions of a setting at once mechanical and medieval. I'm thinking of the Chronicles of Riddick; beautiful baroque machines with fascinating, complex machinations beneath its gilded skin.

The powerful cybernetic priests are ironically the only Nagas without scaled skin and are the most vulnerable physically. (They have soft human-like skin - a trait considered a drastic mutation on Naga Isle - although possessing normal reptilian features otherwise.) Compensating for this, however, is startling intelligence and the gift of foresight. They are kept in narrow curved shells made of indestructible ceruglass (material made of cerulite, glass and titanium - actually I'm just making this shit up as i go along).

The Nagas are an immensely intelligent race, hence their technological achievements. This trait, however, proves contradictory to their devotion to the ruling priests. Their brilliance is that of a very contained kind; for while innovation must be encouraged without reserve, so must loyalty to the High Command. The Nagas are interconnected like a bee's hive through a minuscule piece of hyper-sentient cerulite in their left eye implanted from the time they hatch. (The only way to get rid of this is to, well, gouge out your own eyeball and destroy it.)

Cerulite becomes hyper-sentient when it is purposely awakened through some technological method I have yet to figure out (please, feel free to contribute). There are parties who insist it is against the very grain of nature to force this sacred life-crystal to be anything other than what it is. Besides, awakening such a potent force holds many great dangers - including the fact that it just might decide all you carbon life-forms are useless dolts and annihilate you.

Currently the only way cerulite could actually kill the citizens of Cerulea is to just diminish or disappear; to stop supporting life. But if it became fully aware, it just might reveal a destructive nature ...

- - -

And that's all i have for now. I've been a bit out of touch with high fantasy & sci-fi literature for a while in the course of exploring other genres; so forgive me if my thoughts are not the most original or unconsciously copy the qualities of some other conworld. Critique is welcome.
Peace out & rock on,

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PostSubject: Re: Random thoughts on Nagas   Random thoughts on Nagas Icon_minitimeFri 23 Oct 2009, 5:30 am

Removed to Society and culture forum, because the post is not a story or role-play thread (in-game section). So this belongs to the Fundamental development category, the out-of-game section.
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PostSubject: Re: Random thoughts on Nagas   Random thoughts on Nagas Icon_minitimeFri 23 Oct 2009, 6:26 am

I have copied and pasted the following text from an earlier thread titled "Purposes of cerulite crystal" located in Magic and technology subforum:

Quote :
Naga technology
Naga technology is too based on cerulite, but magic would be a better label, if not for their dependence on mechanical devices. Several thousands of years ago, a humanoid naga was transported through the shears and became an involuntary host to a sentient cerulite. The name of the host was forgotten but the new being was remembered in Naga records as Vijaya the Victorious. With his incredible powers, he built upon the flesh with minerals and such to become a walking winged giant that breathed blue fire. While Vijaya is missing to these days, he is deified by his people and they purposed to emulate his ways by enduring the pain of continuous surgery to equip their bodies with mechanical parts.

The obsession culminated into the creation of the Chakra-walkers, or Holy Pilgrims, as the Nagas would call them, which are Nagas that had their brains and nervous systems surgically removed and placed in cerulite-powered mechanical armors. The Walkers dealt the most casualties in the Great Battle of Cerulea. Out of the Battle, of the 100 Walkers, only 3 remained to rule the Nagas as god-kings. Their priests are scientists and surgeons and practiced their professions and surgeries with ritualistic vigor. The veterans of the Naga armed forces are so heavily disfigured from the surgeries, they look hardly humanoid and more like monstrosities of tortured flesh with clumsy mechanical limbs. The deadliest weapon of the remaining 3 Walkers are the Reedians, their personal guards with psionic abilities granted to them with mind-links to their Walker masters. They are able to perform telepathy, telekinesis, mass hypnosis and mind control. Their psionic abilities aside, Reedians are extremely agile with their minimal enhancements in contrast to the disfigured veterans of the Naga army.

I like all your propositions except for two areas: 1) the hive mind, and; 2) hyper-sentience.

1) The hive mind idea is great, for a single nation inside the Holy Isles, but not for the entirety of the Holy Isles Naga population. The component states of the Holy Isles need to be free enough for potential contributors to mold them as they see fit within the confines of the game canon. You could use your hive mind concept for a Holy Isles component state that you play, or a Naga island outside the Known Skies.

2) We would like to maintain sentient cerulite crystal as an extremely rare find and an element reserved for story arcs that has global repercussions. Artificial "awakening" is possible in the sense that a cerulite piece contains a mind-link sourced from a central sentient cerulite mind. However, this could only be achieved through the sole initiative of the sentient cerulite, never through magical or mechanical intervention.

I was going to put this info in the Ceruleum article, but I'll give this to you here anyways: the idea is that there are only two known sentient cerulites; 1) the indifferent Ceruleum, the crystal-island located in the center of the Known Skies region, and; 2) the missing malevolent Vijaya naga cerulite-host. An important information of Ceruleum is that no magic or technology could operate within the perimeters of the sentient crystal-island, however, insofar the Ceruleum living-island displayed no aggression and had refused communication with most mages and scientists. The few characters that Ceruleum had communicated with would be fairly important characters, because this is an element belonging to the central story arc of the world of Cerulea. As such, players who play such characters should display considerable commitment to the long-term story-telling process of this world.
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PostSubject: Re: Random thoughts on Nagas   Random thoughts on Nagas Icon_minitime

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Random thoughts on Nagas
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