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 On the Pride of Camroth

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On the Pride of Camroth Empty
PostSubject: On the Pride of Camroth   On the Pride of Camroth Icon_minitimeWed 21 Oct 2009, 12:12 am

Scotius Montague, "Monty", the 2nd Lieutenant (Engineering) of the arcliner Pride of Camroth surveyed the new engineering intake with a practised eye. They appeared to be pretty much on par with the usual crew transfers, a mixed bunch of predominantly Ster crew, ranging from wide-eyed apprentices fresh out from Passarae, through the routine crew-rotation transfers, and, although the documentation never clearly showed it, a couple of disciplinary cases reduced in rank and sent to a new posting.

Monty never thought about quite how he knew things like that. He just did, just like he excelled at maintaining the great scrying systems that helped navigate the arcliners across the expanses of the sky. The joke among the junior ratings was that he had picked up a few tips from the sensors them over the years. He never sought to dissuade anyone from those opinions - like most Ster he was good humoured and ready to join in with the laughter.

His eyes moved over the four dozen or so before him, before alighting on a slightly small but otherwise nondescript, middle-aged Ster, rotated from the arcliner Karanatakean according to his papers. Why does that not feel right? thought Monty I'll be keeping an eye on him. The thought bothered him. Scotius Montague was rarely wrong, but this time he really didn't know what it was that felt amiss. He shrugged inwardly before raising his voice, "OK, listen up, we leave this harbour in three hours. Grab your kit and follow me aft so we can find your quarters!"
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On the Pride of Camroth
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