Cerulea is a collaborative furry worldbuilding project, and play-by-post roleplaying game set in a world of floating islands and magical crystals that power technology and magic.
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 Stertowns are everywhere!

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PostSubject: Stertowns are everywhere!   Sat 24 Oct 2009, 8:35 pm


Before posting, please read up the Ster article in the pedia. Here is my idea: the Ster are everywhere in the Known Skies, because they are valued for their natural talents with machines, metalwork and fine craftwork. So in most Known Skies major cities, Stertowns inevitably sprang up! Because the average height of a Ster is 1.2m, larger people will not be able to step into a Stertown. In anycase, Stertowns are supposedly closed neighborhoods, where Ster could feel comfortable, away from the larger folks. So Stertowns would have their own Town Charters and Town Councils that govern their settlements' affairs. And in turn, Stertowns are under the protection of the Stertown Inter-island Union, which is supported by the Aeronavis Company, whose workers are majority Ster. And since the Ster are not slaves of the Company, to keep them appeased, the Company will have to care about their populations through the Union. An example of what powers the Union has is this: a Garr in Garreg, the capital city of the Great Maw, ate a Ster, and the Union threatened to vacate their town, leaving Garreg's dependence on that town for affordable fine metalworks and gunmaking industries collapsing. The Garr was disowned by its tribe, and the Stertown did not leave.
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PostSubject: Re: Stertowns are everywhere!   Sat 24 Oct 2009, 9:55 pm

As the real protector of the Ster I heartily agree - and I'm glad you like the critters! Smile
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Stertowns are everywhere!
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